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Facial treatments or “skin care” includes many modalities to restore wrinkled, scarred, or blemished facial skin. These modalities include facial peels, microdermabrasion, injectables or filling agents (such as collagen or fat), Botox injections and laser treatments. Dr. Smith feels that these skin treatments enhance and compliment any facial esthetic surgery that you would consider and may be just as important as surgery in obtaining the final desired result. While surgery can improve facial contours by removing bulges and tighten loose skin, other treatments (like Chemical Peel) are necessary to make changes within the skin itself. Aging and photodamage can contribute to fine lines, roughness and pigment irregularites. Acne can contribute to scarring and blemishes which can further detract from the overall benefit of facial esthetic surgery. Other skin care treatments can minimize the effects of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkling and treat the effects of superficial acne or remove other skin blemishes associated with pigmentation problems.

Chemical peels of facial skin treatments

Chemical peels or treatments have been used for many years to improve the quality of the skin. Through application of a chemical solution to peel away top layers of skin, a tighter, fresher, and more youthful appearing new skin surface appears during the healing process. Recently, the AHA’s or alpha hydroxy acids, (fruit acids) have become very popular to gently, over a series of treatments, enhance and rejuvenate the skin. The daily use of such products in conjunction with facial treatments in the office or with and esthetician can greatly improve and rejuvenate the skin and are not associated with the recovery or downtime related to more aggressive treatments such as TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or phenol. Chemical treatments are not substitutes for a facelift, or rhytidectcmy, but rather a complimentary procedure often performed in conjunction with it. Loose, sagging, or excess skin cannot be eliminated by any skin care treatment alone, and may require other procedures to correct.

In addition, for treatment of severe scarring or deep pits that often result from severe acne, a procedure called dermabrasion in which a mechanical device is used to abrade, or remove, the top layers of skin, may be recommended.

Emotional and personal motivating factors are also important to explore prior to undertaking any esthetic procedure. A “new” face does not necessarily guarantee a new life. Skin care can dramatically improve your appearance and renew your self-confidence, but the rest is up to you.

Dr. Smith will discuss specific limitations with you at the time of your consultation.


Thousands of chemical peels are performed successfully each year. Nevertheless, you should be aware of potential risks and specific complications associated with chemosurgery.

Post operative complications such as infection, scarring, and abnormal pigmentation are occasionally seen. Poor healing resulting in excessive scar formation, seen in a very small percentage of patients, may necessitate a second operation. Risk of complications can be minimized by closely following your surgeon’s advice on follow-up care during the healing process. Dr. Smith will discuss this in more detail with you during your consultation in Houston Texas.

The Operation

Chemosurgery typically is performed improve fine wrinkling over the forehead about the eyelids and cheeks, and around the mouth. The extent of the procedure depends on what changes are desired. Dr. Smith’s recommendation you may be operated on in the surgeon’s office or as out-patient in the hospital.

The most common type of facial peel performed in the office involves the use TCA,(Trichloroacetic Acid), which offers less risk of scarring and pigmentation changes.

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