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Obagi is one of the most recognized names globally in skin health care and the preferred choice of Physicians around the world for prescription-strength product lines that Transform skin. Skin Transformation is possible with Obagi System.

Your face is a major part of your identity. So, Facial skin care should be a major part of the skin care treatment. Find out about Obagi System skin care products and how they Transform your skin at the cellular level to look and act younger and healthier.

  • Nu-Derm System A prescription-strength, physician-dispensed skincare system that transforms the skin at the cellular level to help you achieve healthy, younger-looking skin
  • Condition & Enhance A prescription-strength, physician-dispensed skincare system that collaborates with your facial procedures to improve overall results
  • C Rx System The early intervention system designed exclusively for young-looking skin.
  • Pro-C Serum Prevents and corrects photo damage by neutralizing free radicals and building new collagen
  • ELASTIderm Eye Treatment One of a kind topical eye treatment clinically proven to help restore elasticity to your skin and reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles.
  • ELASTIderm D‚colletage A one of a kind therapy that works to restore healthy, young-looking skin on your delicate chest and neck.
  • CLENZIderm M.D. The only prescription-strength acne treatments to penetrate deep into the follicle and treat acne where it starts.
  • Rosaclear The first and only complete therapeutic system for treating the signs and symptoms of rosacea.
  • Blue Peel System For patients who want a fast procedure with dramatic results, in less than an hour.

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What is Fraxel?
Results You Can See and Feel

Fraxel treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look.

Whether you have sun damage, wrinkles or other signs of age, Fraxel treatment delivers remarkable results with fast recovery. So you can quickly return to work or other activities with renewed skin-and renewed confidence.

Want to know more? Please explore our site to learn how the Fraxel family of treatments can help you look your best.

The range of Fraxel treatments vary in aggressiveness, downtime, number of procedures needed and results. The most aggressive treatment, Fraxel re:pair, can produce dramatic improvement for severely damaged skin. This is a single treatment procedure, but will require more downtime and after treatment wound care. Less aggressive treatments, like Fraxel re:store or Fraxel re:fine, can produce significant results for mild to moderately damaged skin over the course of 3 to 6 treatments. Typically, there is no after treatment wound care with these treatments and downtime is minimal.

When considering which treatment option is best for you, you and your physician should discuss the trade-off between downtime and results to determine the best option that fits your skin condition and your lifestyle.

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IMAGE Skincare
Helping the World to Age Later™

IMAGE Skincare is an evidence-based clinical skincare company, providing professional skincare products and effective skincare solutions. The most innovative brand in the industry, IMAGE Skincare consistently produces the latest anti-aging, balancing, hydrating, and illuminating technologies to further its mission of helping the world to Age Later.

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Micro Needling

Micro Needling is a procedure that minimizes scarring and signs of aging by stimulating the skin’s own rejuvenation process. The micro needling pen creates tiny punctures that prompt the immune system to boost blood flow, produce new skin cells, and remodel collagen and elastin. It’s a natural process that helps the body produce tighter, smoother-looking skin. SkinPen® from Bellus Medical represents the latest generation of devices. SkinPen® has popularized microneedling with men and women with busy personal schedules. The procedure is minimally-invasive, sessions are short, and it requires little downtime.

Learn about other facial rejuvenation procedures and treatments like juvederm, fat injections and botox.

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