What You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is one of the most difficult cosmetic operations to do; bad surgical technique can result in lifelong deformity, so pick your physician wisely.

Although no rhinoplasty result is ever flawless, an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will more often than not get near. A decent cosmetic result is nearly hard to achieve without experience, artistic flair, and technical expertise.

Modern rhinoplasty can substantially improve the appearance of a misshaped nose, but the core architecture can only be altered so much. Keep your expectations in check.

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Even if you want a certain look, a nose that looks terrific on someone else could look odd on you. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

At least one element unites all successful rhinoplasty results: a natural appearance. The most appealing nose is one that blends well with the rest of your face. It should not stand out, but rather blend in.

Excellent surgical skills may not ensure a positive outcome. A successful rhinoplasty also requires good tissue and positive healing responses.
Even the most skilled surgery can be ruined by bad genes, especially when combined with weak cartilage and poor skin.

A young person with a smooth clear complexion, firm nose cartilage, forgiving skin, and good general health will have the best prognosis for a successful rhinoplasty outcome, all other circumstances being equal.

You may want to consider rhinoplasty in Houston Texas with a board certified plastic surgeon.

The key to long-term attractiveness and function is a strong and well-proportioned nasal skeleton. When considerable amounts of tip cartilage are removed to reshape the nose, the skeletal support is weakened, resulting in unattractive deformity. Instead of removing the tip cartilage, it should be reshaped, repositioned, or reinforced to preserve or improve skeletal support.

Surgical edema will deform the nose for several months after surgery in most circumstances. Even positive results can be deceiving at first, especially if you have thick sebaceous skin or a lot of acne. Continue to be patient.

Your fixation with having the ideal nose could lead to heartbreak. Near-perfection in rhinoplasty is difficult to attain, so think twice before risking an almost-perfect nose with revision surgery — you could end up spending a fortune simply to have your old nose back.

Revision surgery is sometimes necessary to correct a minor flaw, but the danger of extensive revision rhinoplasty is only justified when the nose is malformed or breathes badly. Revision rhinoplasty is lot more involved, far more expensive, and often less effective than a first-time (primary) rhinoplasty, so do your homework and make an informed decision.

Today’s rhinoplasty is more predictable, accurate, and effective than it has ever been. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can provide a naturally beautiful nose that flatters the face and lasts a lifetime with the correct combination of surgical expertise and favorable tissue.