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The Children’s Museum of Houston is a kids’ gallery in the Museum District in Houston, Texas. With more than 90,000 square feet of intuitive, hands-on displays, it is committed to changing networks through imaginative, kid focused learning with a dream to start an energy for deep rooted learning in all youngsters. Established in 1980 and housed in an unusual structure planned by globally acclaimed planner Robert Venturi, it offers a huge number of imaginative displays and bilingual learning programs. The Children’s Museum of Houston is all-new and now twice as large! Evaluated the No. 1 youngsters’ historical center in the U.S. by Parents magazine, the Children’s Museum is A Playground for Your Mind™. The Museum is stuffed with 90,000 square feet of creative, intelligent bilingual displays for kids, ages birth to 12 years, housed in an offbeat Robert Venturi-structured structure.

Free Family Nights are offered each Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. kindness of The Wortham Foundation, Inc. also, Kathrine and the late John P. McGovern, M.D.

Lasting displays include:


Furious powers go out of control and it’s dependent upon you to tame them! Bridle the intensity of water as FlowWorks erupts from the conduits of your creative mind into the real world. This show releases a wave of wet, wild fun! By utilizing water as a mode for youngsters to investigate science and material science, they become analysts in their own right, researching the remarkable intricacy of the development of liquids. FlowWorks gives hands-on chances to understanding and control the ideas of vitality moves thanks to water.

This best in class display plunges into the powers and properties of water through flows, vortices and rapids, investigating the captivating idea of liquid elements. It was planned in view of the quintessential inquiry: “What would it be able to do?” From the enormous sprinkle when a huge cauldron discharges into a store 18 feet beneath, to the unattached show pieces, FlowWorks is free! Water turns into an analogy for a wide range of vitality stream, regardless of whether it’s information, power, or movement. Vitality stream is controlled, controlled, put away and discharged utilizing water as an unmistakable article for investigation.

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